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Sharing history through fashion. If it was not for our predecessors, Iron Maroon will cease to exist. A modern boutique created to transcend historical African persona and events through everyday fashion. Despite Iron Maroon concentrating on African history- our merchandise is universal. Iron Maroon fosters a partnership with skilled artisans and innovated designers who share the brand's vision.


"It is a conscious effort to merge the narrative of historical African personas and fashion. We are committed to recreating, provoking, &'s to the melanin continent & it's diaspora!" - Zhari



Due to the qualities iron possess- rigidness, immovability, and firmness, it is the strongest adjective use to describe Maroons.The term 'maroon' is derived from the Spanish word 'Cimarron,' translated to mean wild and untamed. Originally referred to as Coromantees, these invincible Africans were abducted from the British Gold Coast, present day known as Ghana. Maroons escaped slavery throughout the Americas and Caribbean. Once their escapes were successful, independent communities were born. Considering the differences in geography, culture, history, and African identities, there is a variety among Maroons. However, regardless of which section of the earth Maroons were drop off, the slave system remains an object of aversion.