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Multi beaded necklace, mixture of finer and chunkier beads. Length 9.7 in.


---Antar, warrior poet who was a legend to the Mohammedan world. Born as an Arabian slave, he rose to fame through his courageous military tactics and excelling as an accomplish poet. His name was well respected even after his transition.---



Stafford, A. O. "Antar, the Arabian Negro Warrior, Poet and Hero." The Journal of Negro History 1, no. 2 (1916): 151-62

Rogers, J.A., World Great Men of Color: Volume II Europe, South and Central America, the West Indies, and the United States, Including Alessandro de' Medici, Alexandre Dumas, Dom Pedro II, Marcus Garvey, and Many others Volume II. USA, Touchstone,1996 p548.

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